Failing Charter Schools Have a Reincarnation Plan

While it’s widely known that private schools convert to charter status to take advantage of public dollars, more schools are now heading in the opposite direction. As voucher programs across the country proliferate, shuttered charter schools, like the Orange Park Performing Arts Academy, have begun to privatize in order to stay open with state assistance.

Looking for Signs in Madbury From a Badass Lady

My supervisor was on the phone, and she told me in a matter-of-fact voice that there had been some changes in our university program, student enrollments were down and budgets had been cut  and she was sorry, it had nothing to do with me, but my contract had not been renewed. I was out of a job.

Oh, You Gotta Have Friends And We’re Glad You’re Ours

THE GAY AGENDA: Spending time away from our LGBTQ friends this summer while we went back home to the seacoast to work made us realize even more how much we value these friendships with others in our community.